UEFA NEWS: Angry Juventus Attacked Real Madrid Players & Officials Of The Match — See What FIFA May Do To Real Madrid

Gigi Buffon Real Madrid vs Juventus Champions LeagueThere was tension in the air, everybody was on tiptoes as Juventus did a marvelous comeback and almost gave Real Madrid the same bit as was given to Barcelona when they combated Roma.

Were it not for a late penalty which a huge number of persons and fans have considered controversial, the match would have slipped into extra-time and perhaps would have given Juventus the upper hand, for they have come for nothing short of the “we must win spirit”.

So the match began, Juventus came back strong from last week’s 3-0 down and battled till it was 3-3; wow what a fate, what a match, what a historic night for the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.

Just when all said, let’s relax and wait for the extra time for the decider, that very controversial late penalty came in. Ho no, everyone on the other site shouted, Gianluigi Buffon the superb goalkeeper protested desperately and was sent off by referee Michael Oliver and a penalty was awarded.

Medhi Benatia was adjudged to have taken down Lucas Vazquez in the penalty box as the Madrid winger attempted to get on the end of a Cristiano Ronaldo header back across the area.

Cristiano Ronaldo breathed heavily as the crowded stadium watch him in awe, but trust me, Ronaldo hardly makes mistakes, no matter the occasion. Yes, like a world champion, he placed the ball in such angle that saw the Los Blancos side earned a 4-3 aggregate win to make their way into the Champions League semi-finals.

When the match was over, expectedly there was a clash between the two sides – Juventus to confronted opponents and officials in the tunnel after the match.

“The Juventus players were furious and they tried to make Real players to pay for it,” a source told our news outlet.

Sergio Ramos, who was suspended for Wednesday’s match, was in the tunnel after the clash and played peacekeeper, helping calmer heads prevail before the confrontation turned into something more.
And even with his work to try and stop a brawl between the two teams, Ramos’ presence in the tunnel could cause another issue for Madrid.
However, it is, time will heal the injury. For the now we can only wish Real Madrid the very best as the go into the round of semi-finals. We shall keep you updated as more updates reach us on this subject.

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