The Nigeria Army has swore full loyalty to the President Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari and total subordination to political and constituted civil authorities in the country, pledging full allegiance to the Acting President Government “Osinbajo”
Major General John Enenche, Director Defence Information, made this known on Thursday while speaking with news crew.

According to our news crew, his statement at the meeting were aimed at elucidation, following recent news linking them with a coup attacker on Osinbajo Government, plotted by the cabal in the presidency and Senate.

He went further to clarify that the Armed Forces were only concerned about the security of the country, news vendors should verify news properly before disseminating to avoid misinforming the public.
”It is therefore pertinent to clarify that he Chief of Army Staff never raised any scare of a coup in May 2017. Rather it was a normal service administrative caution to officers and men, that was issued by the Army on relationship between service personnel and civilians. Thus, the contrary assertion reported is a gross and evil intended message to the general public and therefore should be disregarded.

”The BBC’s Hard Talk with the Chief of Army Staff during his official visit to the United Kingdom was never arranged by any group or cabal as reported. It is a normal media practice to interact with principals of organizations on topical issues at such opportunities, which was what happened. It was not for any image burnishing as maliciously purported. Hence, it should be ignored.

”The book launched on Brigadier General Zakaria Maimalari in Abuja on 3 July 2017 was attended by notable senior citizens of Nigeria among others, including; former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon GCFR and former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR, both, who by every standard can never belong to any such thing as Cabals.

”It was not a cover for any power take over as wickedly portrayed not minding the presence of key patriotic elder statesmen and leaders at the event. This shows clear lack of situation analysis capability due to ulterior motive. Hence, should be discountenanced.

”Nigerian Military in the recent past has been in the fore front of the Country’s foreign policy and political direction of ensuring political stability in the West African Sub Region. The cases of Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea and The Gambia are still fresh in the memory of Nigerians. In the Gambia, the Armed Forces of Nigeria took the lead in the military coalition to ensure that the will of Gambians was achieved and democracy sustained.

”Thus, it is morally, practically, professionally and ethically impossible for the contemporary Nigerian Military to embark on truncating democracy in its own Country. More so, members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria are in tune with best global practices of governance, which is civil democracy.”

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