Former PDP Chairman Reveals Top secret About Tinubu–See Shocking Details…

The Former chair Man of the People Democratic Party Chief Bode Gorge has declared that He cannot Work with the All Progressive Party.

Chief Gorge Noted that the major reasons why he cannot work with the APC is the presence of Sen. Bola Tinubu as the Chairman. He noted that Tinubu plays the role of “Godfather” in the APC.

Mr Gorhe Stated that he has never surported Tinubu’s concept of politics

“I don’t believe in Bola’s (Tinubu) concept of politics. Their concept of operation in the APC is different from the way I was brought up. A tree cannot make a forest. That is the difference between us. Let us collectively take up the mantle, not godfather kind of politics.”

Gorge commended the Job the present Governor of lagos state for his “Good works” in the state.
He said, “This young man (Governor Akinwunmi Ambode) is doing a great job in Lagos and I am impressed. I went round recently and passed through Epe, while going to Ondo State. I passed through the route several times as a governor of old Ondo State in 1990.

“ I was stupefied by what I saw. He is opening up the ancient villages with good road network and the quality of the road is amazing. Within two years, Ambode has outperformed Babatunde Fashola and Tinubu combined, in terms of infrastructural development, maybe because he is from the civil service.

“He is better than both of them with his achievements. But I can convince our people that when we settle the PDP crisis, we will present somebody who would be hundred times better than Ambode.”

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