BREAKING NEWS: Tension In Nigerian State As Governor Faces Impeachment, Fayose On the Run —See Shocking Details…`

The Rivers State Governnor Nysom Wike has accused the APC leaders of plans to rig March 19, and December 10 2016 legislative rerun in order to impeach him.

Gov. Wike said that the federal government has tried to frustrate him through rigging the legislative rerun election in the stare.
He noted that the APC had planned to hijack the state house of assembly and impeach him from office.

Mr wike said that:
“They wanted to use the rerun elections to get enough state lawmakers to impeach me. But by God’s grace, we won. We don’t have any power compared to the Federal Government. But God’s power is greater and that is why we have always won.

“Everything was done to make sure that I was not sworn in. They went to Anambra court, they went Imo court, they went to Kano court and they went to Abuja court just to make sure that I was not sworn in.

“Just to get an order to stop me from being inaugurated as the governor of the state and God said no, I will be governor.

“Man said we will not have money to pay salaries, but God said we will have money to pay salaries. Man said we will not have money to do projects, but today, God gave us the money to do projects “.

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