FRESH BATTLE!!! Governor El-Rufai Bombs President Buhari — See What He Said To Buhari

Governor of kaduna state El-Rufai as come out to speak on President Mohammadu Buhari few years in office saying he had failed in his performance so far, it was recorded that last year EL-Rufial issued a letter to him voicing his view on his achievement.

El-Rufai in his letter issued a warning to the presidency saying they have worsen the situation of the country more than the way they met it, he Went further to say that both the presidency and APC had failed in their promises to the nation.

He warned the party stakeholder to act to fast and take measures to remedy the situation in the country in order to keep their fast high before the masses of this great nation, as the citizens are loosing their patient in the party.

This is what he said… “Overall, the feeling even among our supporters today is that the APC government is not doing well,” he declared, before proceeding to an analysis of the key areas: Politics, National Economy and Governance, and then making suggestions for Mr. Buhari’s consideration and action.

“Mr. President, it is also clear to many of us that have studied your political career, that so long as you remain in the political landscape, no Northerner will emerge successfully on the national scene,” Governor El-Rufai said.

“All those wasting time, money and other resources to run in 2019 either do not realize this divinely-ordained situation or are merely destined to keep others employed and rich from electoral project doomed to certain failure.”

He lamented that Buhari has cracked the relationship between him, some leaders of the APC, governors under the party and some stakeholders.

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