BREAKING: Communities Displaced, Another Case Of Spillage In Akwa Ibom State — See Details…

Another case of oil spills suspected to have arised from the American giant oil facility- ExxonMobil. It is said to have hit more than 10 communities within the Ibeno shoreline in Akwa Ibom State.

However, an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, gathered through, Mr. Godwin Robert, a youth leader in the community secretary of Ulok Ulok People’s Assembly expressed bitterness saying that the case of the oil spill was destroying the environment as it happens to be the sixth this year.

Meanwhile, he traced the cause of the oil spill to the pipeline repairs recently done on the vandalized pipelines Months ago by the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

He said that it was unfortunate that the spill has impacted negatively on the ecosystem in the affected communities.

Mr. Robert expressed disappointment in the way the multinational oil company was treating the issue without regards to the hardship caused by the spillage.

“I am not surprised because the company is trying to fix Edoho pipelines destroyed by NDA. I expected this to happen because there is no how they will fix the pipeline without oil spill occurring,’’ Robert said.

He disclosed that the oil spill was traced to ExxonMobil installations located at Okposo, Atia, Western end and Eastern end of Ibeno communities.

As a matter of urgency, the company has been called upon to commence a thorough clean up by Mr. Robert.

“We expect them to promptly respond by calling the necessary authorities to do thorough investigation to ascertain the level of impact and damage to the community,’’ he said.

He urged ExxonMobil to constitute Joint Investigation Team (JIT), to expedite action on the clean-up exercise.

Furthermore, the communities was said to have discovered the oil spill on December 13, 2016, by Mr Harry Moses, President of the group.

While speaking to NAN, he said the development had caused hardship to the fishermen, farmer and people of the state, adding that fishermen are seriously affected by the oil spill.

“The problem with oil spill is that , sometimes you quickly notice where oil flows from and sometimes you don’t know. Sometimes the oil can also come from other locations.

“But this particular oil spill is from ExxonMobil facility,” Moses said.

He advised the company to urgently meet with the stakeholder s in the host communities to clean up the oil spill,’’ Moses said, ’Oil spill have affected the economy of Ibeno and the economic situation is appalling”

The Manager, Media and Communications of Exxon-Mobil, Mr. Ogechukwu Udeagha was revealed to be unavailable for comments as there were no answer to all calls and text messages to his Mobil phone.

However, according to NAN reports there have been spillage cases of oil suspected to be from ExxonMobil facility in 2016 six times.

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