BREAKING NEWS: President Buhari, Has Married Another Wife? — See Astonishing Reasons That Will Shock You Speechlessly…

According to genuine reports issued by our correspondents, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari have been declared to be readily set to take another wife, due to the alleged infidelity of his present wife Aisha.

Report has it that few months ago; the President got a Hint of his wife’s infidelity with a retired Air Force Man. After further investigation by the DSS the identity of the said officer was discovered.

However, he was arrested after an approval was given. Meanwhile, on the day his house was invaded, Magu was caught in the house of the said retired Air Vice Marshall Usman by name.

So as of now, based on reports by source, this still remains the the Untold and Scary Truth about Magu’s Non-Confirmation As EFCC Chairman and AISHA BUHARI’S INFIDELITY.

This was reported to the President and was reportedly one of the major reasons why Aisha blasted her husband in public. Magu on the other hand, has since then not been able to secure audience with the President despite trying fruitlessly.

The press media might have made a twist of the real thing and sweet tuned it but this is the truth of the matter as reported by Source.

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