BREAKING: Innocent Bus Driver Shot Dead By The Police — See Painful Details…

According to News reports, a commercial bus driver was allegedly shot dead by some police officers at 1004 gate along the Lekki-Epe Expressway on Friday, December 17, 2016.

Christiana Ekpiken, Facebook user, shared the very graphic photos from the incident, revealing that the driver who was being chased by the officers was shot dead.

She said: “This horrible scenario happened yesterday 16th of December along 1004 lekki express Road, Lagos. He was shot by a police officer in a patrol van chasing after him, probably because the driver didn’t stop while being chased.

“The said driver was harmless carrying passengers yet he was shot by the police officer and immediately the officer noticed his death, He ran away with his team and caused serious accident with other nearby vehicles.(Eye witness said) This is a shame and disgrace to the NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE FOR HAVING OFFICERS WHO LACK DISCIPLINE, STUPID TEMPERAMENTS AND INABILITY TO APPREHEND SITUATIONS PROFESSIONALLY”.

However, this is most likely not the first of such reports, as many others have been killed under similar circumstances for the silliest reasons anyone cn possibly think of.

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