Love In The Air As Popular OAP Toke Gets Marriage Proposal On Instagram — See The Man Involved…

It’s been analyzed by some many fans that this is an expected development although not certain from where it will, considering the choice of Toke to give marriage another chance.

It has been said that Popular OAP, Toke Makinwa got a marriage proposal from Uche Agbai earlier today, December 14, 2016.

Could this wedding proposal be what Toke Makinwa needs right now?

Uche Agbai, who is more popularly known as Sensei Uche is an OAP with City FM, Lagos.

The presenter took to his Instagram feed to propose to Toke, 32, when he shared the blogger’s picture and wrote the following words:

“Being a woman, whatever society she finds herself in, is hard. It’s not bad enough she has to deal with that time of the month every month or scream to the edge of death while bearing a child, she has to deal with cat calls (if she’s a hottie) or snide remarks (if otherwise).

“And these difficulties are prevalent in Nigeria, especially in the media or entertainment industry.

“Buy or build a plush house in a choice area and you’re called a prostitute who was done a favour by one big businessman or top government official. Put your life story in a book and sell, they will say you only did so just to make money.

“You are almost never given a chance to air your views or live and enjoy your life without someone having something negative to say about you.

“As I contemplated on writing this, I looked at all the qualities that I personally like in a woman: ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, focused, independent minded, beautiful, respectful; these are just a few.

“And I see all these traits in Toke Makinwa, who has been constantly vilified by people. Despite being through so much adversity she has always found a way to turn it around for good, and that tenacity of her will is what many people do not see and appreciate.

“Even those who are close to her sometimes criticize her for being who she is: an ambitious woman with a strong drive to write her name in the sands of time.

Sensei Uche of City FM

“However, no matter how much she has been hurt, Toke has always found a way to forgive and let go. That is another remarkable trait. A woman, no matter how successful, needs to be loved and cared for.

“And no matter her shortcomings, needs to be loved and cared for too. We all have flaws, but learning to love a person in spite of their flaws is a quality of those who truly love others, and it helps to fan the embers of any relationship.

“Therefore, I have chosen to love the imperfections of a successful woman like Toke Makinwa, because she possesses qualities any reasonable man desires.”

Then he pops the all important question to his WCW: “So Toke (@tokemakinwa) will you marry me?”

The popular vlogger and TV presenter recently released her controversial book, ‘On Becoming’ which details, among other things, the things that happened in her failed marriage with Maje Ayida.

Only time will tell if this is nothing but a publicity stunt, and it remains to be seen what Toke Makinwa’s response to this will be, given her stated desire to give marriage another chance at some point.

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