BREAKING: Rasons For Poverty Amongst The Igbos Finally Revealed — See Unbelievable Details…

Report have it that Mr. Leo Stan Ekeh, the Chairman Zinox Group, Monday said that lack of humility has remained a very big stumbling block among young Igbo people.

This was made known in his statement during a youth entrepreneurship workshop held at the Imo state University, IMSU, auditorium.

He said, “There is a reason why you see young people in Igbo land do not grow. One is lack of humility. You see a boy who has 20,000 and he wants a professor to stand up for him. Let me tell you, if you are humble, God will promote you. You have to delete some things that are not relevant to your life and move forward.”

“You cannot be negative and be successful.You must be positive to get something positive. This is the problem of an Igbo man. He added that, “Most of the Igbo men are technically not rich.”

Mentioning that he is not affected by the current recession because he was prepared ahead of time, adding that, “I am not afraid of the recession and I am not affected. I do not have God-father, what I did was to use my knowledge to succeed.”

In the process of advising young people doing business, he said, “I must tell you, as a young who is doing business, have it at the back of your mind that when you are doing business you must lose money to make money.”

Saying also that, “They must build the fundamentals to succeed in their business.”

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