BREAKING NEWS: See What Bishop Oyedepo Of Living Faith Has Done – Details Will Shock You…

The nations of the world are in rage; some in abject penury lack and wants. During the recent Shiloh 2016 of the Living Faith church well known as Winners Chapel, some deep secrets were revealed. The Apostle over the commission, Bishop David Oyedepo, gave some prophetic utterance concerning what is going on in the world of today mostly in Nigeria.

No doubt, we are in the last days as revealed by the scripture and things concerning the end time are already fulfilling.

The Shiloh 2016 was indeed a blessing to all as it was a platform where deep secret of prosperity was revealed. Believe this, in these hard times, it will be very difficult to see a lover of God beg for food. Be it known to you that your prosperity responds to your giving.

Several reports has indeed presented the bad economy of Nigeria but Bishop David assured each and everyone that there is hope for all in Christ Jesus if only the masses will obey whatsoever the Lord commands.

Furthermore, Bishop David made it clear that Tithing has been one his greatest secret of prosperity and he urges all in the world to do same with a blessed assurance.

Obedience has always been better than sacrifice.

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