BREAKING: At Long Last Pre-Wedding Picture Of Zahrah Buhari And Would Be Husband Ahmed, Surfaces — See Details…

Through so much gossips and rumors form the public and medias claiming that the expected magnificent wedding union of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Zahrah, to the son of billionaire Mohammed Indimi, Ahmed stipulated for December 16, 2016 would not be taking place as planned, in disclosure to the whistle-blowers and the entire public that all the false rumors about their not pushing through union are not true, the couple has released a pre- wedding picture.

However, a reported account said the families of Indimi and Buhari had some fracas during the traditional introduction ceremony resulting from one of the Indimi sisters been banned from taking her camera into the Villa to record the traditional introduction ceremony.

Meanwhile, other accounts said that the President was not happy with the exclusively complicated and unrealistic manner with which the Indimis delivered their dowry boxes made by French luxury brand, Luis Vuitton.
The report claimed that the President threatened to return the boxes and stop the marriage which has been in the anticipation of Nigerians.

However, it appears the wedding will be push through as planned irrespective of what the true story is as the couple has just proved in their action that there is no going back with the release of their pre-wedding photos.

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