BREAKING: Death Toll from Adamawa, Twin Blast Increases to 56 — See Details For Further Explaination…

Yusuf muhammed, the Chairman of the Magadali local Government, Adamawa has disclosed that the number of death leading from the Magadali, twin bomb blast, on Friday, has amounted to 56 while the number of those injured is now 177.

He confirmed this development to the News Agancy of Nigeria, on the phone saying that 57, of the injured people are critical while the other 120 are minor.

Those who are critically injured according to him have been rush to General Hospital, Mubi and Yola specialists Hospital respectively while those with miknor cases of injuries have been discharged.

According to reports by the NAN, the magadali market usually operates on Fridays, showing that the blasts occurred at the sections of the grains as well as that of the second hand clothes.

The council boss appealed to the federal, state governments, relevant donors and humanitarian agencies to come to the aid of the people.

He said such a gesture would help them in alleviating the pain and loss from the blasts. ( NAN)

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