SHOCKING: Lawyer Woman Kills Husband In An Argument — Detail Of What The Argument Was About Wii Leave You Stunned…

A lawyer in Ibadan, who has been accused of stabbing her husband to death has been confirmed by her own Landlord as the murderer of her husband.

The landlord revealed that she killed her husband while there arguing as she had just found out that her husband had impregnated another lady.

The court was said to have been presented with three witnesses of whom the landlord was one by the prosecuting council.

The landlord who was the testifier told the Oyo State High court that he against the wish of the accused tried to intervene in the argument but she insisted that she must injure the husband.

According to the witness, the argument persisted till the next day when the victim was murdered.

However, she had been held at the Agodi Prison, Ibadan since the time of the crime.

According to report, the suspect had been said to have stabbed he husband by the neck in their residence in Akobo, Ibadan.

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