BREAKING: Buhari Too Incompetent To Rule Nigeria; Lamido — See More Of What He Said…

The former Governor of Jigawa State, Lamido Sule, has expressed that the president Muhammadu Buhari’s Government will fall.

He also disclosed that those people who are leaving the PDP, for the APC, are all only doing so to get protection from the Government of the day.

The statement was made by Lamido, on Tuesday, the 7th of December while addressing so journalist in his residence in Bamaina.

According to correspondents he said: “Where justice is lost, where you have a government which is not just and fair, people must look for protection. Those defecting from the People Democratic Party, PDP, to the All Progressive Congress, APC, are looking for protection,”

He added that: “The present government in the country will collapse. No matter how well people wished them and how hard you prayed for the government, it will collapse because it has no capacity to carry the Nigerian load, contradiction, crisis and division.”

Meanwhile, Lamido, had initially at the earlier, said the president, Muhammadu Buhari, is in no way competent to rule Nigeria as a country.

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