TRAGEDY: Bride Dies On Her Way To Wedding Leaving Groom At The Altar — See Painful details…

Sorrowfully, it has been reported that a bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva on her way to meet hre would be husband, Udirley Narques, on the day of their wedding never got to the wedding ground as the day of joy suddenly became that of pains for her husband to be when she died in a plane crash on her way.

Reports have that Rosemere do Nascimento, had it planned to surprisre her fiancé and all 300 guests by entering her wedding in Sao Laurenco da Serra, San Paulo, Brazil, with a helicopter.

Reort also have it that the tragic turn of event that left a bride dressed in her wedding gown dead also claimed the lives of three other persons including the bride’s brother, a six month pregnant photographer and the pilot.

Speechlessly, the groom stood stunned and confused when he was told of his would-be bride’s death at the wedding altar.

“All the laughter and joy got sucked out of the room the instant everyone knew as no one knew how to react to this enormous tragedy. Everyone expected a day of joy but it turned into a day of horror”. The wedding organizer told correspondents in a statement.
Crash Spot Of Brazilan Bride,

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