BREAKING: Single Screen Films Empty Of Movies — See What Caused It…

Correspondents have it that the Single Screen is running empty as it is right now as the result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation.
However, producers have been reported to have been in the best ways possible try to contain the theatre’s losses by cutting down prints and release giving rise to delay in release of some films within the week of release as a result of which interests in such films have been report to be lost.

Reports says, the producer of the recently released ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’, Jayantilal Gada, revealed that he short-cut the release of his thriller and gave prints to only 1-2 per cent of the single screens. “And despite this, we have taken a hit of Rs 10 crore in our profits since we have to bear some of the expenses for every theatre we release our film in and today it’s not possible to recover this money. We targeted the multiplex audience as they pay with plastic. In fact, if the promotions hadn’t begun we might have held the film back,” gada is however, optimistic about recovery.

Notwithstanding, the President of the Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India, Nitin Datar,revealed that the move was quiet unfair as the film may have beaten piracy and as well gain more interest in multiplexes if released everywhere simultaneously.

“‘Dear Zindagi’ too wasn’t screened in many single screens in the first and even second week. We can’t force makers to give us their films but if audience turns their back, it will take us months to bring them back and eventually even producers and distributors will lose money. Even in areas where there are no multiplexes, they are opting for a limited release.” He stated.

However, continued by adding that he has advised members to update technology so people can pay by card. Santosh Bhatia, exhibitor for Premiere Gold Cinema, Dongri, notes that they charge just Rs 100 as compared to a Rs 300 multiplex ticket yet makers are preferring the latter because they don’t have changes to pay them

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