BREAKING: Niger Delta Militants To Take Peace Or Face Wrath; Kuanum Terrence — See Details…

Abuja – while speaking to correspondents, Kuanum Terrence, the General Secretary of The Middle Belt Youth Leaders Forum commended President Muhammadu Buhari, as he moves to restore peace in the Niger Delta Region.

Following the Meeting oF the President with the elders of the region, Kuanum Terrence, urges the militants to accept the move for peace and as well lay to rest any form of armed dispute as otherwise might invole military actions which will in turn have consequences on the region and its people.

“The Middle Belt Youth Leaders Forum has followed with satisfaction the meeting of President Muhammadu Buhari with leaders and other stakeholders in the Niger Delta to discuss how to end the militancy and sabotage of oil infrastructure in their region.

“We see the development as a confirmation of President Buhari’s declaration that he is the president of all Nigeria just as it is a testament to his credentials as a democrat with firm belief in the power of dialogue.

“We totally support the call for the leaders of the Niger Delta to take the initiative more to do than anyone else to bring peace to their region especially now that is glaring that they are the ones influencing the militant groups.”

He however, made it known to both the militants and their sponsors to take caution while thinking on what to do as any threat to the integrity of the military by turning down the offer for peace would not be taken likely.

He said: “We therefore call for mutual caution on the part of all those involved so that this initiative that will bring development to the Niger Delta and return Nigeria to economic prosperity is not truncated by inflammatory utterances or provocative actions down the line”.

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