BREAKING: Ogun State Government Recalls Sacked Workers Back To Service; Innocence proved — See Dtails…

As contained in a statement signed by the State Head of Service, Elder Sola Adeyemi, on Tuesday, the Ogun State, government has announced the call back to service of 12 out of 16 workers of the public service who had lost their jobs over an alleged unethical roles played in the last held October 5 World Teachers Day celebration.

However, report also said that the 19 other who were suspended the the state has also been reinstated by the government. While the 35 others who were sanctioned have been said to have been submitted by the panel of state that was put up to investigate the roles of all those involed.

The state is as below: “Following these interventions, government decided to revisit the matter and consequently set up machinery to carry out a case-by-case evaluation of the affected workers for the purpose of reviewing the sanctions after a careful consideration of the report at the conclusion of the review exercise.

“Government on compassionate grounds decided to immediately pardon 31 of the concerned workers.”

Notwithstanding, the commitment of the present administration in the state towards the welfare of the workers has also been repeated severally.

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