AMAZING NEWS: Happy Mother Cried As Her Own Son Flew Her In A Journey — See Interesting Details…

Interestingly a mother has been reported by our correspondents to have been extremely happy to be flown from Lagos to Kano by her own son who in not too became a pilot.

A couple of pictures were also shared from the journey by the happy son who feels opportuned to fly his mum as he expresses his emotions via his twitter handle.

Mother overwhelmed with joy as pilot son flies her in a plane

While the mother was overwhelmed with joy and emotions, the pilot also expressed his joy during the journey.

The pilot described the photos with the words:

“Just had the best flight of my life. Had the opportunity to fly my mum from Lagos to kano ! She actually cried.”

The young pilot identified as @moha_madugu on Twitter, in the company of his fellow pilto, shares in each photo a snapshot with the mother behind them joyfully sitting while they journey.

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