BREAKING NEWS: My Life On The Line , Gov Wada — See Details Why Wada Ran Away…

The former Governor of Kogi State, Capt Idris Wada in Lokoja yesterday disclosed that had had actually ran away from the state because some people were after his life little after the 21st November governorship elections.

While speaking at the PDP, Stakeholders meeting in Lokoja, Capt Wada, said he would have been dead by now if he had not flee for his life out of the state and the country as well.

“It was very wise and strategic for me to go under for sometimes because there were pockets of threats to my life, and I had to secretly relocated to the UK for about four months to save my head and also take some rest, because I was virtually working for 18 hours every day in my four years administration without rest.” He said.

While speaking he proved false the rumour that says he was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission or any other security organization and he prove that also that he was not sick either. He said; “In my four months sojourn abroad, some people were insunuating that I ran away to evade arrest from the EFCC and ICPC, some even said I took ill because we lost in the election, but I want to tell you that no security organisation has so far invited me for questioning, neither was I sick, because I served the state with all my abilities and conscience and I have no need to fear anybody”. Wada said he is very ready to face any probe panel set up by his successor Yahaya bello, to look into his past administration because he is sure its efforts will be futile.

In his defense he said; “In life you look forward and not backward. If you keep looking into the rear mirror while driving you will definitely crash. I have nothing to hide, I’m ready to face their probe but I know nothing will come out of the exercise, its just mere distraction”.

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