BREAKING NEWS: Saraki Runs For His Freedom To Former Party — See Shocking Details…

A recent report shows that the Nigerian Senate President, Dr. Olubukola Saraki, has defected back to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP his former party.

The defection of Saraki as reported came in less than 24 hours after he re-pledged loyalty to the All Progressive Congress, APC.

According to a report by an online correspondent who exclusively gave reports on Saraki’s defection. the Senate Presidentdefected to the PDP unofficially in a secret meeting with the PDP Chieftains recently in the home of the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekeremadu, at the APO Legislative Quarters in Abuja.

The source went further to reveal that the , Deputy Senate President, had after the meeting led a group of senators for briefing to the house of Former President Goodluck Jonathan, at Maitama.

For falsely declared assets Senator Saraki, has been facing prosecution at the Code of Conduct tribunal.

News Times, told by a source who was at the meeting said that Saraki, decided to leave the APC for his former party PDP, which he had left 2014 along with 5 other Governors of PDP, as a result of the persecutions he has been facing from the leadership of the APC,

The source also revealed that Saraki says he will use the PDP, as a platform to achieve his dreams and attain his political goals. Saraki might be leaving the APC, with all his loyal senators to the PDP, which is likely to cause power unbalance in the senate as the PDP might overtake the APC’s majority in the National Assembly.

Our source has said; “Saraki has finally had it with the APC and the Buhari government. He believes he has faced enough embarassment and persecution from them after his investments to help the party wrest power from the PDP.”

Excusefully, last week, for condolence to the family of late Umaru Shinkaffi, he was in Sokoto. However, sources who are familia with Saraki’s travails told our source that he had visited the Sultan of Sokoto, to prove stronger on President Buhari to withdraw his loyalists who are bent on sending him to prison. He also got the former Senate President to visit the President Buhari earlier iwithin the week as a last alternative.

Since Saraki, became the President of the Senate, he has always been at war with his party, the APC, over allegedly maneuvering his way to the seat of the Senate’s Presidency against the party’s choice of Ahmed Lawan. However, his defection back to the PDP, would not be a surprise to Nigerians interested in politics.

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