BREAKING: President Buhari To South-East, Nigeria Had Been Endowed By God — See What More The President Said About Nigeria…

The president of Nigeria Buhari once again has spoken out on the importance of the unity of Nigeria, this time encouraging those fighting for its break-up to reconsider their thoughts.

In a meeting with the Council of South-East Traditional Rulers at the State House on Thursday, while President Buhari, was speaking, he cautioned that the thought of having any other country outside Nigeria, is questionable.

The president also said, “The question of having another country out of Nigeria is going to be very difficult. From 1914, we have more than 200 cultures living with one another. God had endowed this country with natural resources and talented people. We should concentrate on these and be very productive.”

The president mentioned that the south-east will very much as well, benefit from the new railway architecture being put in place by his administration, while addressing specific matters pointed at by the traditional rulers.

While the South-East Traditional Rulers, were demanding more representatives in the present Administration, Buhari said he was “very conscious of the sensitivities of the south-east,” which was the reason why he had given four out of five states senior ranking ministers in the federal cabinet to the region.

The president likewise did not forget to make use of the occasion to appreciate the ministers who are from the region for their good works in the federal government.

The president urged the traditional rulers from the south-east to relate and convince their people to allow his government a chance and to continue to serve as a source of inspiration through culture and tradition to their communities.

The president assured the delegation that kidnapping and cattle rustling, which he described as “unfortunate” will be the government’s next target, now that “we have managed to calm down the north-east.”

In taking note of the profuse commendation for his administration’s war against corruption and insecurity by the traditional rulers, President Buhari expressed frustration at the endless nature of some ongoing trials, citing some of the cases as going far back to the tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“We are asking the judiciary to clean itself. Nigerians are tired of waiting. They want some actions.” The president said as he laments.

Buhari also he is hoping to see the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria and Attorney-General of the Federation come up with some good forms of agreement through which special designated courts will give faster hearing to some pending cases of corruption, saying that “we want Nigerians to know we are serious.”

The Chairman of the South East Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Eberechi Dick, in his address earlier had made demands for road and other projects among so many other issues, however, he assured the president of the community’s support for his programmesand leadership.

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